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Meat-Flavored Dog Toothbrush
Meat-Flavored Dog Toothbrush

Meat-Flavored Dog Toothbrush

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You need to brush your dog's teeth every day to keep his oral health in check and to prevent any oral diseases.

The fact is: 4 out of 5 dogs suffer from oral disease by the age of 3! Gingivitis is one of these diseases and it leads to painful inflammation, bad breath and can easily lead to other life-threatening diseases! The DogySticky is the best DIY solution to ensure your dog's teeth are properly cleaned.

It's fun for your dog, and it's designed to be effective and reach those unreachable places like the molars. You will have NO stress as a pet owner and your dog will have no problems playing with the DogySticky and while at it, they'll be fixing up their oral health and breath.

Traditional toothbrushes bruise and hurt the gums of dogs and because of this, most dogs never prefer to toothbrush and it's a lot of stress for you, the pet owner and without knowing it, your dog too could be getting sick due to oral bacterias.

Size: M (15*10*4cm)  or  L (18*13.5*5.5CM)


1) Safe, non-toxic, flexible

2) Does not damage the teeth

3) Non-slip design

4) Safe and reliable TPR material, soft and durable, highly durable.

How to use:

1) Deeply clean the mouth with toothpaste.

2) Shrink the pet's toothpaste.

3) Instruct the dog to bite the toothbrush.

4) Chewing is equivalent to playing and cleaning teeth.

5) Clear all directions from the dog's teeth to the gums.

6) Then clean the body with a brush.

 Package Includes: 

1x Toothbrush.

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